Sunday, December 13, 2009

Politics is a process by which groups of people make decisions. These decisions that are made help to unify and add structure to our modern society.These changes help to better accomodate our needs and wants and it also makes life more comforatable. The political aspect of our society can change how people live and what boundaries they abide by. It adds order to our communities and creates a atmosphere in which people are more mindful of their actions.

The subject of politics allows people to become more social about some decisions that have been made affecting the general public. These decisions cause for a social change because when political change is made, people have different opinions and views about it which stirs up the need for their voices to be heard. As a result of people expressing different opinions about a topic, it creates a need for variety and individuality to be exposed to the public. People feel the need to discuss how their personal opinion is more reasonable than someone else's. Sometimes this causes the social status in politics to become chaotic and questionable.

Politics allows people's voices to be heard especially in our democratic government. As Americans we have the right to speak out against anything we feel without being penalized. People often use their right of freedom of speech as a need to get away with saying anything, even if it ridicules or tarnishes the reputation of another. Politics stimulates both negative and positive changes in our society, but without it thir will be no "backbone", no foundation to our society.

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